Conor Maynard’s and Sarah Close’s collab is too good

Earlier on today our ears were blessed by the outstanding cover of ‘Too Good’ by Drake feat Rihanna done by singers Conor Maynard and Sarah Close.

Fans of both Sarah and Conor have been waiting for ages for this collaboration and finally we have heard it. And well, it was definitely worth the wait! Uploaded at seven pm GMT, we were so excited to see it.

The fantastic pair both dropped hints on their Twitter accounts about the cover, Conor Tweeted out:

And Sarah Tweeted these little messages:

After these Tweets, the countdown began and people started to guess who on earth they were going to be collaborating with.

The video shows the couple performing the wonderous ‘Too Good’ by Drake feat Rihanna. Sarah stunned us all in her bright, orange jumper whislt Conor stood opposite her dancing and singing his soul out.

Harmonies, dancing and eye contact really made the cover unique. Two amazing unique talents joining together to make some incredible music is something we love here at CelebMix.

If you want to watch the cover, which we really suggest you do, you can here:

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Written by CelebMix