Could Welsh Songstress Duffy Be About To Make A Comeback?

Duffy’s last album ‘Endlessly’ was released in 2010, but could the star be about to make a big comeback?

Duffy first launched into stardom in 2008 with hit songs such as ‘Mercy’ and an equally successful debut album ‘Rockferry’ which has sold well over 10 million copies to date worldwide.

What has Duffy been up to since her last album?

Aimée Duffy took a hiatus in 2010 to work on her third studio album and also taken up acting, including a starring role in Patagonia in the same year and starred in Legend in 2015, contributing three new songs and played the part of late singer Timi Yuro. In 2017, Duffy released a cover of ‘I Put A Spell On You’ for a perfume advert.

Duffy in Legend as Timi Yuro.

In the same year, Duffy then announced she would be taking a social media hiatus but would be back ‘with something new at some point soon’.

‘I won’t be online now until the other side of the year. Other news is – I will see you with something new at some point soon. Love Duffy’ @duffy, Instagram.

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The photo description now only leaves an emoji.

Duffy recently ended her social media hiatus, but by only updating her biography part of her Instagram profile and fans are loving it. Often there are updates almost daily from an emoji change, to a song, to a quote or even a little joke!

Could this be the start of a big comeback campaign? Fans of the star will have to wait a bit longer to find out!

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Written by James

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