Cover Drive Exclusive: “Break up inspired our new single”

Cover Drive have revealed that a break-up inspired their new single.

Speaking exclusively to, the group said: “Break ups are always hard but they are especially hard when you know it’s your fault that things ended badly. When it happens that way, you don’t only have the heartbreak to deal with but the guilt and that’s the worst. I wanted to write about what it feels like to miss someone so badly that you’d do anything to see them again.

“It’s the kind of longing that makes you feel physically ill. That’s why the songs is called ‘Lovesick Riddim’. All you can do is think about them and wonder what they’re doing or where they are and ,even though you know it’s over, you hold on to the slightest hope that maybe they could forgive you and you could be together again. I really wanted to capture this kind of break up in the song from the perspective of a woman who has done the wrong, not the guy. It’s something that we hadn’t written about before but it’s so real for a lot of women.”

Written by CelebMix