Crimson Peak Gone ‘Grey’

One of the many high budget horror movies of the year Crimson Peak has already started showing signs of falling in the category of those movies which, despite putting in a lot of financial input fails to garner the desired output. Within five days of its release in the multiplexes, the movie is experiencing a reclining audience count. For instance it has only been able to garner a profit of about 12.8 million within its opening week in the United States.  Director Guillermo Del Toro’s ambitious project which had been beautifully projected as a romantic-horror movie in its perfectly produced trailer has failed to engage its audience in reality.

Indeed what might have not gone too well with the audience is the theme of the story itself. Viewers are so used to the ‘ghost’ and ‘paranormal’ cliché that anything out of the realm of these two might not be appreciated open heartedly. The passivity of the horror genre which has been overlapped with what is termed as ’Gothic Romance’ has developed a negative reaction to this movie.

Moreover, with a major portion of the audience for any film especially horror is the younger generation. Hence, it is necessary to reach out to them by appropriately promoting the movie in their domain which currently is the Social Media. If a movie fails to capture the attention of the youth, then it automatically looses a major chunk of its audience.

Despite promotions through posters and trailers the cast of the Crimson Peak did not click very well with the audience. Jessica Chastain’s earlier nominations including that of the Academy Awards could not create the magic for her in this movie. Those youngsters who are fans of superhero movies would be familiar with Tom ‘Loki’ Hiddleston, who is otherwise less known in the non-superhero fan circle. Wasikowska’s rise to fame as the lead in 2010 Alice in wonderland has also seen some years go by.

It is indeed a question to ponder over, whether the diminishing fan base of the individual stars made the movie un-clickable with the audience? Do leave your views about the Crimson Peak as a comment or as a tweet @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix