Crowdfunded film “Arthur Braxton” announces its cast!

Back in July 2015, Luke Cutforth announced that he was going to be making a film based on the books ‘The Drowning Of Arthur Braxton’ by Caroline Smailes if he could raise enough money to support the film financially.  With the backing and support of thousands of people online, Luke managed to fund enough money to make the film a reality.

Since then a lot has happened, auditions, script writing, filming and much more. However, who has been cast as the main roles for the film remained a secret, until now. Through social media, the Arthur Braxton team confirmed who are playing the roles of  six characters in the film including who is going to be playing Artur Braxton.

Malcolm Freeman will be playing the role of Silver.
Sophie Wright will be playing the role of Laurel.
Keith Rice has been cast to play Tommy Clarke.
Ben Hawkey is playing Cliff who is Tommy’s evil henchman.
The lovely Delphina is played by Rebecca Hanssen.
Arthur Braxton himself is played by James Tarpey.

Knowing the cast is just bringing excitement into our lives and making us truly imagine how this film is going to look like. Here at CelebMix, we really can’t wait to see what the film will be like once it’s finished knowing all the hard work that Luke Cutforth, Josh Winslade, Lex Beckett and the rest of the team must have put in to make this dream of a film a reality.

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Written by CelebMix