Cybersmile and Urban Decay Launch a Changemaker Education and Empowerment Program

Cybersmile and Urban Decay have announced the launch of a meaningful Changemaker education program designed to educate and empower 500,000 internet users with the tools and knowledge to keep themselves and others safe online.

We are excited to launch our new Changemaker Program as part of our long-term partnership
with Urban Decay. The changemaker curriculum has been designed to educate and empower
internet users with the tools they need to utilize the power of the internet and use technology
to make a real positive difference to the world

Scott Freeman, CEO of The Cybersmile

The Changemaker program is made up of 6 interactive educational modules and a downloadable changemaker toolkit which will provide internet users of all ages and abilities with everything they need to stay safe online,

Bystander, Upstander or Ally?
Learn about the key roles related to becoming a changemaker.

Becoming an Upstander
Understand what upstanding is, how to do it safely and why it is so important.

Allyship on Social Media
Explore what allyship really means and how to be an effective ally online.

Dealing with Online Bullying
Learn important ways to keep yourself and other people safe on social media.

Mental Health and Social Media
Explore the relationship between social media and our mental health.

Becoming a Changemaker
Everything you need to use your social platform to make the world a better place.

The Changemaker Toolkit
A downloadable toolkit designed to enhance the interactive modules and equip internet users
to make a real difference in the world.

“Social media can be such a powerful place for good. A place where we learn from each other.
A place where we can be allies together. Unfortunately, it is also a place that gives scale to
online bullying, which hurts in real life. This partnership to help educate our community is not
just a moment for us, it’s a constant commitment to be changemakers where we can help
empower our community to stand up in their difference,”

Malena Higuera, General
Manager, Urban Decay Cosmetics.

The launch of the Changemaker Program comes as part of a three-year global partnership
between Cybersmile and Urban Decay which was announced in September

Previously as part of the partnership, they launched the Bullying Hurts IRL campaign, a global initiative that pledges to bring deeper awareness to the devastating personal toll online bullying can have on people and promote digital wellbeing. 

You can find out more about the changemaker program here!

Written by Kelly McFarland

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