Cybersmile and Urban Decay launch Online Bullying Hurts IRL

Cybersmile and cosmetic company Urban Decay have launched Online Bullying Hurts IRL. a global initiative that pledges to bring deeper awareness to the devastating personal toll online bullying can have on people and promote digital wellbeing. 

Throughout the 3-year partnership, The Cybersmile Foundation and Urban Decay Cosmetics will work closely to develop educational resources for important issues including cyberbullying, mental health and digital wellbeing – all designed to ensure the brand’s community is always a welcoming, inclusive and safe space.

The core of Online Bullying Hurts IRL, a global initiative is to recognize the very tangible and negative impacts that result from both seemingly innocent teasing to very severe, obvious bullying.

Cybersmile and Urban Decay Cosmetics will be working together to help make the Internet and social media a space that is safe for all – educating its consumers, fans and employees to recognise the signs of bullying, responsibly intervene and positively change the conversation.

As part of the campaign, Cybersmile and Urban Decay Cosmetics will be partnering with select influencers to share personal stories of their experiences with online bullying.

Fans and followers will be encouraged to comment a heart emoji on these posts to show their support. For each heart shared on the brand’s Instagram post, Urban Decay Cosmetics will donate $1 to the Cybersmile Foundation to support the organisation’s mission, up to a $150,000 donation through September 24th.

You can find out more about the amazing work Cybersmile does and more about the Online Bullying Hurts IRL with Urban Decay, here!

Written by Kelly McFarland

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