Dance Lessons touch on little idiosyncrasies in their newest single, “No Role Models”

Dance Lessons are three humans in an ongoing love affair with music, who cannot wait to get onto a stage – soon (hopefully).

“Our first three singles have all been released during the pandemic, so we’ve had to work around it as best we could,” the trio express to CelebMix. “It’s been challenging but we’ve tried to stay busy writing new music.” Although, just like many other artists and bands, Dance Lessons miss playing live, so they can’t wait for things to normalize again. Until then, they are trying to keep up momentum with live videos and more music coming soon.

Dance Lessons’ newest single, “No Role Models”, is about all of their little idiosyncrasies. Essentially it is a song for the perfectly flawed.

This song was among the first songs band member Ann previously brought into a session. “She’ll write the backbone of the track and then we’d flesh it out together,” they continue in our chat about their song. “We all loved it and laid down guitar and bass before she finished off the production.”

“No Role Models” draws on the band’s little quirks and ways of being. In fact, Ann’s experiences are obviously the main draw when it comes to lyrics but they relate to each and every one of the band members in a metaphorical sense.

“We’re constantly working on new material, some remixes, and our live show,” Dance Lessons reveal on what they have coming up next. “There are also a few collaborations we’re excited to start working on. Next year should be a busy one for us and hopefully one where we can finally hit the stage!”

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