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Dani Felt Collaborates with Rapper LOCS on “Unapologetic”

Nashville-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Dani Felt unveils the music video, “Unapologetic,” featuring LOCS.

A double entendre, the song is about constantly trying to meet the expectations of others, i.e., social acceptability, as well as ‘nice’ people who allow others to run over them.

“Unapologetic’s” lyrics sum up the song’s unrepentant approach to life and others.

“I am dirty, I am messy, I may break your heart into two / I ain’t quiet, I’m a liar / Watch out or I’ll mess with you.”

A vital part of Nashville’s burgeoning pop scene, Dani’s distinctive music and voice have been featured in Medium Magazine, Nashville.com, and Girl Boss. The documentary, Influencer Film, selected one of Dani’s songs – “Queen” – for synchronization.

Born in Philly, Dani started out in musical theatre, followed by moving in a different direction. Dani’s dark-pop sound complements her sensuous femme fatale voice, witnessed by “Queen,” which dropped last year. Like “Queen,” Dani’s brand-new song, “Unapologetic,” mirrors her authenticity.

According to Dani, “I have always been seen as the nice girl, so I wanted to write a song that explores my own power and sends a message to men that women can be in charge. We all want to feel empowered, embrace our sexuality with confidence and I want to show women that they can.”

“Unapologetic” opens on potent layers of shadowy pop riding a portentous rhythm thrumming with wicked cadence. Dani’s temptress-like timbres imbue the lyrics with dangerous flavors. Spine-chilling waves of smoldering coloration ebb and swell with ominous luster. LOC’s rapid-fire rapping flow injects the tune with scorching energy as Dani narrates her frustration with simulation.

The video, produced and filmed by Grant Woell, depicts Dani lying across a bed dressed in a seductive outfit, displaying her bad girl persona.

Rippling with surges of sticky, sleazy washes of enticing textures, “Unapologetic” seethes with bewitching sonic hues topped by the magnetic voice of Dani Felt.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.