Danish singer-songwriter Daniel Shulz shares uplifting pop single “Make It”

Danish singer-songwriter Daniel Shulz shared a brand new single “Make It,” an uplifting and empowering anthem filled with catchy pop tunes.

“Make It” is the first picture in a personal scrapbook of songs from what will become a debut album by the 24-year old pop artist. He wrote it for a dear friend who needed love, help and encouragement to see the bright side of life again.

“I wanted to make these new songs a scrapbook of memories and moments to share with someone who doesn’t know my story, forcing myself into writing about the tough times and what truly means something to me. A frightening process, really. But, more than anything, expressing these feelings has made me feel free,” Daniel explains, ‘Make It’ was written for one of my best friends who needed it but eventually, it spoke to me too and what I’ve been going through for the past five years. Here it is for the World to hear it – and I hope it will be a melody of optimism and light to everyone listening.”

Daniel Shulz’s new single exposes him as a creative force, and an artist who’s on a mission to inspire and empower his audience. His lyrics are relatable and bring a soothing feeling while delivering chill, summer vibes, and scandipop tunes. Make sure to check Daniel Shulz’s previous releases on Spotify, and follow his Instagram to stay updated with the upcoming releases:


Written by Magdalena

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