Danish singer-songwriter Freddy Madson shares a new single, “Blue Rain,” from his upcoming debut EP

Up-and-coming Danish artist Freddy Madson shared a brand new indie single titled “Blue Rain.” The latest song from the talented singer-songwriter is a first glance to his upcoming debut EP scheduled to be released later in 2023.

On “Blue Rain,” Freddy Madson showcases his cinematic pop with big 80’s keys, gospel choir and breakbeats on an alternative pop song dealing with self-sabotage. The single is captivating indie-pop tune with relatable, and honest lyrics. Freddy Madson delivers a great vocal performance, and skillfully shows off his talents. “Blue Rain,” blend genres of pop, alternative, and indie into smooth sonic experience filled with Freddy Madson unique vibe and style.

When asked about a story behind “Blue Rain,” Freddy Masdon explains:

“I was in a period where I was feeling blue on and off because my music career wasn’t taking off. I dwelled on it, started comparing myself to everyone else and talked about it, time after time. It affected myself deeply but most of all it affected the people I love. I realized I had to do something about it and turn things around. I knew we were on to something in the studio when those big, wide piano chords hit and the beat came on. The chorus appeared quickly with me just repeating the words “Blue Rain”. When all the pieces came together I felt so empowered and I hope the listener will feel the same.”

Make sure to stream “Blue Rain” on Spotify, and follow Freddy Masdon on Instagram to stay updated with his upcoming releases!

Written by Magdalena

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