Danny Dyer gives a convincing audition on twitter as to why he should be the next Bond

Danny is known to be an all-round geezer but most people would set him very far apart from James Bond and his debonair.

However, the videos he has posted on his twitter page seem to have gotten a lot of people’s attention.

Perhaps a cockney James Bond should be considered.

Danny has expressed his readiness for such a role and stated on twitter next to his videos: ‘I’m just putting it out there……If Daniel Craig wants to move on… I was born for it…’

In the past Danny has made it clear he loves 007 and would jump at the chance to become MI6’S latest recruit. He told Zoo magazine: ‘I really love the Bond films – but getting me in would help them right out – I’d do it for £200 a week.’

Here are Danny’s voice overs of James Bond scenes.


Written by CelebMix