Dareios Blue Launches His Music Career By Releasing Debut EP “Eerie Destruction”

Completely new on the music scene, this week, Dareios Blue has dropped his debut EP Eerie Destruction, and we assure you that this is one collection of tracks that you do not want to miss out on. Having started with covers on his YouTube Channel earlier this year, he has just proven how his original songs are just as good.

Dareios Blue is a musician from Germany who writes and produces his own songs. He adores europop including INNA and Alexandra Stan. On his YouTube Channel, he has covered tracks from Eurovision 2019 stars, as well as Sia and Indila. He has a distinctive voice and easily makes the songs he sings his own. He draws inspiration for his own songs from his emotions and his thoughts. His debut EP is titled Eerie Destruction, and contains four tracks which he has made available on download and streaming services as well as his YouTube Channel and his SoundCloud account, alongside an unreleased track titled “Own Rhythm” – we hope this will be officially released at some point.

As with all our EP reviews, we have decided to do a track by track review, allowing each song to have its time in the spotlight.


No wonder the EP is titled Eerie Destruction if this very first song has an eerie desolate feel to it. Haunting from the get-go, Dareios Blue showcases his production skills with a beat that holds the listener in suspense, throughout. His vocals are a rasper that adds to the creepy track until he builds them up which has us thinking of Loïc Nottet’s Eurovision song “Rhythm Inside”, although this feels like it’s at the other end of the scale, more poignant. According to his description on SoundCloud, he states that this is “a song about hearing an ex-lover’s echo and the futile ideation that they might return”.

Demons Inside

Sticking with the haunted theme, the opening of the track “Demons Inside”, has some subtle children’s laughter, inputting a sense of dread into the listener. His vocals are really strong on this track as the first verse starts. The backing track is rhythmically groovy as Dareios Blue launches into the repeated lines of, “In the haze”. Past the halfway mark a piano or keyboard can be heard adding in a prominent effect to grab our attention. The lyrics are clever, and the repeated line will surely get inside your head. The song has us thinking about Stephen King’s novel and film The Mist, and this song would so accompany that story really well. As for what the song is about, Dareios Blue wrote on SoundCloud: “A song about reflecting on an utopic relationship that might never happen.”

Show Me

Intricate sounds can be heard at the very beginning of this track, which switches it up from the “Demons Inside” song, whilst still allowing us to linger in this state of dread. His vocals cut in strong and defiant, and as the song builds so does his vocals giving us some soul and passion. It’s clear that this song means a lot to him and you can feel the emotion behind each of the words he sings. His vocal is much clearer in this track, allowing him to showcase his vocal ability. According to Dareios Blue on SoundCloud, the song is “about a relationship falling apart, in which one hopes for the other to show signs of reconciliation, yet this never happens.”


Ending this haunting EP is “Immersive”, which is a defining track. The production of the track is interesting allowing our ears to pick up many different sounds that all compliment his voice. Vocally, he sounds sorrowful, as if he’s caged and immersed within himself. At times his voice reaches out as if he is attempting to be stronger, and in doing so his vocal ability is much more profound. On the description of this SoundCloud track, he stated that “‘Immersive’ details how one’s heart is an immersive room haunted and surrounded by reverbs of their love interest.”

Overall this EP is a fantastic collection of tracks, with Dareios Blue easily showcasing his vocal ability and who he is as an artist. His original tracks are unforgettable and are certainly worthy of being included in your everyday playlist. We are certainly looking forward to more Dareios Blue music releases in the future.

Eerie Destruction is available to download and stream now, we encourage you to take a listen as we truly believe you’ll love his tracks as much as we do.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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