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Dario Lessing & SHAMS Release Atmospheric “Shepherd”

Berlin-based pianist and producer Dario Lessing just dropped his new single/music video, “Shepherd,” featuring his sister in spirit SHAMS. “Shepherd” is lifted from his upcoming album, Frequency, which features a half dozen different vocalists.

The idea behind the album’s title – Frequency – expresses the individual electromagnetic field or sound sent out by each person. When frequencies collide, they affect each other, creating new waves. The album blends elements of ambient music, hip-hop, avant-pop, and classical music into a galactic, eclectic array of songs.

Lessing’s uniqueness resides in “his unique sense for atmosphere, songwriting and an incredible energy that makes his output so versatile. He is more than a composer: a producer, curating his own output by finding talented collaborators that help him turn his ideas into contemporary tunes while sticking to his fondness for classical piano music in the style of Débussy or Johann Sebastian Bach.”

“Shepherd” opens on dazzling, shimmering, graceful tones topped by SHAMS’ quiet spoken words. When the rhythm enters – fat bassline and crunching, syncopated percussion – the tune takes on hints of jazz and hip-hop flavor, along with tangs of luscious pop bouquets.

Dreamy and evocative, SHAMS’ plush voice delivers laissez-faire textures, at once cool, beguiling, and sensuous. It’s a delicious voice, brimming with casual, alluring essence.

The music video was produced and directed by ST.VLADIMIR, aka Sarah Knupfer, depicts the two artists ensconcing themselves in nature. Visuals of sheep, a dog, and rolling hills imbue the images with luxurious, cinematic scenes, pastoral yet having an important optical effect.

Dario Lessing and SHAMS have it going on! “Shepherd” merges elegant classical textures with the sway of hip-hop-lite.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.