David Kassman: Emerging as one of the finest talents in the world of photography and more.

After making his much-talked-about Spiderman project, Kassman is looking forward to showcasing his projects in Art Basel December 2nd-4th, 2022.

It is incredible to know and learn about all those people and professionals who put in every possible effort to get ahead of the curve in their chosen industries. It is these individuals and professionals who have exceeded the boundaries in their fields of expertise and have proved their mettle with all that they have offered to their target demographic and audiences. Many such talented beings have emerged across different sectors of the world, including the artistic and creative industries such as photography. We couldn’t help but notice how David Kassman, one such top notch photographer aced the photography  game with his art that speaks loudly about what he aims to do for the world and the environment.

What has made people turn heads around David Kassman’s art is how well he has infused so much soul into his latest Spiderman project, which has proved to be quite relevant in today’s time and age. With Ukraine in mind, as the backdrop for 2022, the project spans across global areas of conflict reminding people of the polarization within the human spirit. This man, who himself has served in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), explores global conflicts through his Spiderman project. It is even more special because it is dedicated to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) victims who struggle the battles within them every single day. 

The Spiderman project shows the comic book hero posing at various global landmarks across 25 locations that are known for their conflicts today or historically. These landmarks include New York, Egypt, Germany, The Walling Wall, The Judea Dessert, Italy, Turkey, Jordan, and France. Israel, of course, had a strong presence with the Walling Wall. Interestingly, the man posing for him as Spiderman is his brother Ran Kassman, who struggles with PTSD, resulting from his service in the IDF. The captures by David are beautiful, to say the least, as contrary to his role as a soldier, Spiderman could be seen leaping over the whole experience, showcasing what it should be, recreating a new reality. His single shot of Spiderman captures the essence of hope present in everyone. 

As an Israeli talent for 15 years, David Kassman has delivered some of the most breathtakingly beautiful shots through his photography. Currently, he is excited to showcase his Spiderman project on Art Basel on December 2nd-4th, 2022, showcasing his life’s work. He has built his own Metaverse, which is growing as a unique NFT project selling physical artwork. Over the years, his Instagram (@david.kassman) showcased other artists’ work, and now he is set to showcase his work. Every time David Kassman puts out his art for sale, it will be in the form of an NFT.

Written by Peter Jones