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DAVIE Releases ‘All In The Family’ EP

After much anticipation, DAVIE is back with a brand new project, ‘All In The Family,’ following his 2019 album: Girls Raised In The South.

‘All In The Family’ is a 7-track EP that includes previously released singles “Cool-Aid” and “Butterflies.” Written and produced by DAVIE himself, this project captures the energy and nostalgia that surrounds spending time with your loved ones while listening to good music.

Each track on ‘All In The Family’ pays tribute to DAVIE’s family, specifically his late grandmother, and was heavily inspired by visuals and memories that connect to his childhood.

“Sunshine and Rain,” the EP’s first track, opens the project and truly captures its premise right away.

“In difficult times, we are blessed to have the reminder that the sun will shine. Often it was the people around me that reminded me to sing, dance and to laugh. We did so much of that growing up , no matter what happened around us. I wanted this track to feel like
an OG Jackson five song, a song you sing to the love of your life, or to your newborn baby,” DAVIE explains about “Sunshine and Rain.”

“Cool-Aid,” a fan-favorite and feel-good jam, effortlessly becomes a standout track after one listen through ‘All In The Family.’ The rhythmic instrumentals and background vocals presented through this track showcase an intricate production style that separates DAVIE from tons of other up-and-coming artists right now.

DAVIE explains “Cool-Aid” and its inspiration by stating: “Every Saturday growing up, I would have breakfast with the family and run down what me and my friends had planned and where we were going for the approval of my dad. We always stopped at grandmas house to see what food we could get for our journey. The track is about being surrounded with the people you love, going on an adventure, and living for the moment.”

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Written by Alessandra

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