A Day in the Life of a Shania Twain Fan

Canadian superstar Shania Twain is the biggest selling female in country music of all time; selling more than 85 million records worldwide and scoring three consecutive Diamond certified albums; ‘The Woman In Me‘, ‘Come On Over‘ and ‘Up!‘.

The three LP’s came after her quiet self-titled debut release in 1993.

In 2011 Shania returned to music scene with the mid-tempo track ‘Today Is Your Day‘, her first official release in seven years. One year later she secured her ‘Still The One‘ Las Vegas residence.

After her residency ended, the legendary hitmaker hit the road with her farewell ‘Rock This Country’ tour. However the tour was only a goodbye to touring and not an actual retirement, and a new studio album from Twain is due to be released this Spring; her first in fifteen years.

Since her debut in 1993, Shania Twain has also built up an extremely close bond with her loyal fanbase and has gained younger fans over the years.

We wanted to find out what it is like running a fan account for the singer so we spoke to Jordan Peever who runs @TwainFans and who just happens to be from Timmins, Ontario, the same place Shania grew up,  to find out exactly what is like.

Can you explain how and when you first become a fan of Shania Twain?

I first become a Shania fan when I was very young and saw the ‘What Made You Say That‘ video. I loved everything about her right then. 

Why are you a fan of Shania Twain?

I’m a fan of Shania cause she is real, way down to earth and she sings and writes her own songs. She was and still is the hottest woman ever in my opinion. Shania is a gem.

What made you want to run an update account for Shania Twain?

I started the account a couple years ago when Shania was out of the spotlight, updating and trying to build excitement for all the fans cause I knew she would come back fully. She is not a quitter for sure.

Roughly how much time do you spend running your account?

I spend about an hour a day updating, checking the site, looking for followers, new photos and old, and news, it’s fun and as a Shania fan you never know what to expect.

Do you have anyone who runs the account for you if for some reason you are away?

[no] I run the site myself it’s a hobby, I love.

How many followers do you currently have and do they talk to you and ask you things?

Currently I have 1386 followers on Twitter and just over 6000 on Shania Twain Fans on Facebook. Of course I get a lot of messages from people asking about Shania, I’m not associated with her or her team, but it’s fun to interact with other fans and have Shania talk, (we all can’t wait for the new album).

Would you say you have met any friends online through your account?

I know many Shania fans but most are just online friendships

Do you prefer to just write updates or post pictures on you account?

I love posting Shania photos and exciting updates, we all get so excited together, and Shania sure knows how to surprise her loyal fans.

Has Shania Twain ever noticed your account? If yes how did it feel?

Yes Shania follows us on Facebook and Twitter. She has retweeted us a few times, and liked a post surprisingly.

What is your favourite Shania Twain song?

I love all her Music especially ‘Ka-Ching!‘, ‘From This Moment On‘ and ‘What A Way To Wanna Be‘. So many good songs.

What is your favourite thing about Shania Twain?

I just love the fact she writes and sings only her songs, and how much she cares for people. She is down to earth just like you and me. She is a Timmins bush girl.

If you could say one thing to Shania  Twain what would it be?

I would just say thank you for the amazing music.

Thank you to Jordan for taking the time to answer our questions. 

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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