Demi Lovato Delivers Speech About Mental Illness At The DNC

The Democratic National Convention is currently taking place at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Singer Demi Lovato gave a very moving speech about mental illness at the Convention on July 25.

Demi starts her speech by stating, “Like millions of Americans, I am living with mental illness.” She admits that she is lucky to have the resources and support to get treatment. Demi continues by saying that many Americans can’t get help either because of fear of negative stigma or because they can’t afford treatment. She says that a mental illness that goes untreated can lead to “suicide, substance abuse, and long-term medical issues.”

Demi then makes a call to action urging people to make a difference by getting educated on the subject. She also asks for better health care and support for everyone.

After her speech, Lovato sang her hit, “Confident.”

Watch Demi Lovato Deliver Her Speech:

Demi Lovato is very open about her mental illness. Years ago, she admitted to having both an eating disorder and bipolar disorder.

She received treatment in the year 2010, by entering a rehabilitation facility. In 2012, a documentary titled Demi Lovato: Stay Strong released about her road to recovery. She also had the words, “Stay Strong” tattooed to her wrists to remind her everyday to stay positive. She said that the support from her fans helped her remain strong when fighting her struggles.

Demi is an inspiration to many. It is amazing to see her use her platform to speak about important topics. Living with a mental illness is a serious issue and speaking about it helps defeat the stigma surrounding it.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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