A screenshot from Lovato's new music video "Waitin' For You."

Demi Lovato Gets Back at Her Childhood Bullies in Her New “Waitin’ For You” Music Video

The fact that Demi Lovato was bullied as a child is no new news. In fact, her story of her childhood bullies have impacted millions all over the world.

Demi’s album released on October 16 with a whole new vibe to it. The mood of the tracks ranged from the upbeat, self-esteem boosting “Confident,” to the heart wrenching track “Father.”

However, one song in particular caught the eyes of her Lovatics. “Waitin’ For You” made the fandom all kinds of emotional. “The lyrics, “She only bites harder and I only die fighting,” concerned some Lovatics.

On October 22, 2015 Demi Lovato nonchalantly released the music video for “Waitin’ For You.” The video immediately sparked many conspiracies about how the lyrics and scenery were tied to her childhood bullies.  

There’s no doubt that this is the most intense and vicious video Demi Lovato has made. From the extremely fierce close ups to her strutting away from “Cross Timbers Middle School,” her childhood school,  located in Grapevine, TX, every single second was absolutely raw with power.

What makes this her most powerful video yet is the close ties to her childhood. As the black and white scenes play, you can see the many relations to her being at a school. Football bleachers and courtyards easily give away the setting of the video. She ends the video strutting away from “Cross Timbers Middle School”, where she decided to leave because of the immense amount of bullying. Lovato walks with confidence while singing “Look how far I’ve come.”  

Some people say that this video is the closure that Demi Lovato has always wanted. We see it as the villains of her childhood being put to rest.

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Written by CelebMix