Demi Lovato heads to Kenya to help build schools

We all know Demi Lovato has a heart of gold. She works tirelessly to help eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and she’s just an all round philanthropist, always aiming to help those less fortunate than her, and that’s exactly what she’s been doing recently.

Many people start the new year off by heading to the gym, going on holiday or snuggled up in bed, not wanting to face the cold. Demi, however, has headed to Kenya and the reason behind her trip proves why her soul is so beautiful. If you follow the American songstress on Instagram or are just a devout Lovatic in general, you’ll know she’s been out there as she shared snaps with her fans of her enjoying herself with the elephants.

But, Demi didn’t just head to Kenya to have a jolly good time. Whilst she’s been over there, Demi has been helping to build schools along with a team of people who also want to make a difference. Additionally, as if that wasn’t enough, the ‘Heart Attack’ hitmaker has been selling necklaces made by mothers in Kenya to raise money for them. The media enjoys to talk a lot of trash about the pint sized popstar, if we do say so ourselves, by spreading rumours about her personal life and gossiping about who she is romantically involved with. However, the side they often don’t portray of her is this side, the charitable, kind, hard-working, good-spirited side and so we are thrilled to be able to share this with you as we know a lot of celebrity news outlets will not cover it.

In fact, the world would be oblivious to Demi’s recent work in Kenya if it wasn’t for Ryan Bolton, who shared a gorgeous photo on Instagram of Miss Lovato being thanked by one of the women in Kenya whose necklaces she helped to sell. Once again, evidence of the fact that Demi does things to make life better for other people, not to make her look good.

We think that what Demi and the team are doing is brilliant, what about you guys? Isn’t it refreshing to see someone use their fame in such a positive way that doesn’t draw all the attention onto them? Tweet us @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix