Demi Lovato Launches Pride Campaign with Propeller, Supporting Human Rights Campaign, The Trevor Project, and The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness

Demi Lovato and Propeller are teaming up for the second time on a new action and sweepstakes campaign around Pride, benefiting organizations important to Demi including Human Rights Campaign (HRC), The Trevor Project, and The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness. In supporting the Equality Act, joining in on Human Rights Campaign’s “Count Me In” movement to advocate for trans and non-binary equality, and more.

Fans can earn to win one-of-a-kind prizes including outfits Demi has worn on tour and on television appearances with the more actions taken, the more entries per person. The first round of auction and sweepstakes items have been announced, and look for additional items to be unveiled throughout the summer. 

Items include:  jackets from Demi’s 2018 Tell Me You Love Me Tour including their “self love” white jacket; Demi’s black bodysuit designed by Bryan Hearns; and their outfit from the 2018 Billboard Music Awards performance with Christina Aquilera. Other items include Demi’s 2018 Tell Me You Love Me Tour Jacket & Heels; their Ashton Michael Dress from the tour; their Stage-Worn Black Hoodie Dress Designed by MICHAEL NGO; and the Da Shoné By DaSh Full Body Outfit from the Tell Me You Love Me Tour. 

Another of the campaign’s sweepstakes and auction prizes will include a Demi-curated wellness-themed trip to Joshua Tree, CA featuring a stay at the Invisible House where they recently spent the night. This trip includes a professional photoshoot, a special gift bag with some of Demi’s favorite products, and a sound bath meditation at The Integratron–the famed dome structure built on an intersection of powerful geomagnetic forces in Landers, CA. 

Learn more about Demi Lovato’s Propeller x PRIDE campaign, including how to get involved, here:

Written by Kelly McFarland

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