Promotional photo for "Emotional Punching Bag" which sees dePresno sitting down and leaning against a tree trunk with one knee up against his chest while his hands are clasped around his leg. He has ginger styled hair that has been ruffled by the wind into a quiff, while he is wearing a cream light jacket and black jeans.
Photo Credit: Synne S.B. Bønes

dePresno impresses with his latest single “Emotional Punching Bag” making us all aware of our responsibility to be there for our loved ones

Making sure we are there for our loved ones is dePresno with his awesome new single “Emotional Punching Bag”. He is leading up to the release of his new full-length project and his recent singles have continued to show his vulnerability so this new album is the era we’ve been waiting for. This follows up his previous single “Loser in the Night”.

dePresno, real name Bjarte de Presno Borthen, is a Norwegian singer-songwriter and musician. He has been honing his craft and finding his feet in the music industry for five years. He received a guitar for his fourth birthday and clearly developed a passion for music, so much so that when his 17th birthday came around, his brother spent his savings on gifting dePresno a day in a recording studio. From then, the producer – knowing how incredible this singer-songwriter and musician is – scheduled a meeting with MADE Management. His start in the music industry clearly shows that he has talent. In 2016, he dropped his debut single “Friend of the Devil”, followed by “Hide and Seek”, leading to his debut EP, titled “Forever”. Multiple singles, two EPs, and three albums later, dePresno is on top form with millions of streams to his name and huge collaborations with the likes of Liv Dawson, Hayes, SKAAR, Lokoy, and DØSSI. His most-streamed track on Spotify is “Too Fucked Up To Love You” with 3.4 million streams, whilst “Trust” follows behind at 2.8 million streams, and “Bitter St” follows with 1.8 million. dePresno continues to show that he is ready to make an impact on the music industry.

Written and produced by Bjarte de Presno Borthen and Odd Martin Skålnes, “Emotional Punching Bag” is a soulful emotional song that has a stripped-back guitar vibe going for it. From the get-go, dePresno doesn’t hold back, launching with an effortless deep baritone vocal that is sure to touch the heartstrings from the very first word. As the song progresses, so do dePresno’s vocals, adding soul and emotion throughout while the lyrics delve into honesty and integrity as he requests that he be an emotional punching bag for the ones he loves and that he’ll always be there for them. The production transitions into progressive atmospheric energy easily supporting dePresno’s flawless vocals. There are very few songs that open hearts, reveal wounds, and allow listeners to reflect on their feelings and emotions, and “Emotional Punching Bag”, by dePresno, is one of those songs.

Talking about the track, dePresno said: “The song in itself is really just about the need to be there for your loved ones. It’s really hard when people you love go through rough patches and you kind of just have to sit back and watch it unfold and you do what you can to make it easier but at the end of the day, it’s never your responsibility you not necessarily anything you really can do, so this song is just my way of being there for the people in my life I suppose. It’s equally kind of writing for myself, my girlfriend, and my brother. All humans go through horrible things and we have to endure things that might feel impossible, in the moment, but just remember that it’ll get better, and just talk to someone to find your emotional punching bag. It might be a therapist, it might be a friend, it might be something completely different.”

Stream “Emotional Punching Bag” by dePresno on Spotify here:

“Emotional Punching Bag”, by dePresno, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Vift Records. He is gearing up to release a brand new album this year, so look out for that.

Talking about his new forthcoming music, dePresno said: “This new material is really about emotional vulnerability. Vulnerability isn’t just being able to be vulnerable in the sense of bad things happening or being honest to yourself and those around you about everything. It’s also about availability in a positive sense of it. Being brave enough to love and being brave enough to just stay in those positive (as well as the negative) emotions. I’m a massive fan of cliches for instance. All cliches are cliches for a reason, and this is probably one of the first albums I’ve written where I’ve just kind of gone all out and I have to be honest it feels kind of great. It feels good to be able to love and grieve loudly.”

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