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Digital Farm Animals Is “Lookin’ For” Love With Danny Ocean in New Track and Video

British producer and DJ Digital Farm Animals is looking for love in his laid-back brand new release. Will you help him find it?

After successfully positioning himself at the top of the British music scene by helping produce and write Top 40 hits such as Dua Lipa’s “Be The One” or Galantis’ “No Money”, Digital Farm Animals is now fully prepared to enter the spot light all by himself. And he has great things in tow.

Today, the DJ -also known as Nick Gale- decided to venture further onto the stage by releasing his latest track “Lookin’ For”. For this particular event, he decided to get a helping hand and recruited Latin pop star Danny Ocean who had his huge breakthrough with the mega hit “Me Rehúso” / “Baby I Won’t”.

Together, they have created a wonderfully laid-back and chillaxed track. It details the struggles of being alone as a musician while feeling the desire to connect with someone emotionally. “If you’re looking for love, maybe I could help you”, the singer offers in the chorus over a smooth, R&B-tinged beat.

“Lookin’ For” is groovy, it is soothing and showcases again why Digital Farm Animals is so well renowned in the scene: thanks to his versatility as an artist and producer, he just knows how to create catchy tunes that have the ability to connect. Danny Ocean’s verse serves as the cherry on top of the musical cake. His voice fits perfectly, like the missing puzzle piece.

While first listening to “Lookin’ For”, we noticed that Digital Farm Animals has somewhat changed his production style. Talking about this change, the multi-talent revealed in a statement that “in the past the focus was on making the production epic, but now I’m more interested in creating records where the vocals and story are the center of attention.”

We are more than ready to listen to what is to come in the future.

For now, listen to the latest track right here:

Also check out the video right here:

“Lookin’ For” is now available to purchase and stream on the digital retailer and streaming platform of your choice. It arrives via Arista Records

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