Digital Tycoon of our times – Pratulya Sharma talks about the trendy ways to grow your Instagram audience

Figuring out how to rule the different  internet platforms is a challenging task, when every part of it is booming with fierce competition and Instagram appears to be no exception. But driving an audience of one Million followers on Instagram page was not a big deal for our digital tycoon – Pratulya Sharma. From his achievements Pratulya stands as the Digital Entrepreneur, YouTube Marketer expert, a Digital Marketing Strategist and founder of SC MEDIA & TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED. For those Instagram users who are determinant to make Instagram their career, these tips from Pratulya are a treat for you. 

There is no secret ways to create a thriving community on this marketing platform, says Pratulya while sharing few useful tips on how you can grow better on Instagram and make a successful career out of it.

Pursue a well Instagram marketing strategic plan

Instagram’s appearing as bedrock  for numerous brand promotions has resulted in the considerable traffic to the platform. Driving huge audience and driving profitable audience are two different things, always remember that you need to build a community of engaging audience that will take your ideas or business to next level otherwise having your page flooded with deaf and dumb audience will serve you nothing. 

Your plan shouldn’t merely include having larger audience rather gaining followers which will create more opportunities for your marketing objectives and brand awareness must be your priority because that is the reason you want to have a good growth on Instagram. 

Understand your audience

Understanding your audience is a keystone of productive growth, best of your media strategies will fail to produce you fruitful results if you are not well aware about the audience. So for raising potential audience you need to know them, who they are, what are their needs. You will need to go through a constant process of reviewing your audience, merely understanding is not your destination. Keeping an eye on your audience will pave ways for your brand to grow in the market. 

With the rise in this current pandemic, when the economic crunch has taken heavy toll on corporate world all over the global you definitely need to change your old trends, so you have to have your audience in front of you to let your brand grow in the wake of Covid-19, so look for those who are very likely to stay engaged with you and ultimately aim at purchasing your offer and don’t you get beguiled by the Junk your list of followers carry. 

Post your brand or business on a regular basis

Instagram being the perfect tool to fire-up your business and drive tons of customers for your offerings, it profoundly demand your brand to always be fresh in the minds of your followers or customers. You need to be consistent no annoying, being annoying and being productive are two poles a part notions, you don’t need to annoy your audience by posting hundreds of your contents in a day rather you have to find a middle ground, on my own experience I wouldn’t recommend you posting more than once or twice a day.

You have to crop out a well strategic timing to post your content in a day and on a regular basis that will definitely bring your offering to limelight and it will reach out to as larger audience as possible.

Brush up your Instagram SEO skills 

Before following you on Instagram, people well need to find you there. So use your name or brand’s name to handle your page, that will also make searches easier for people, first. Second use both relevant primary and secondary keywords to get your posts on top in the Google search. And improving your Instagram SEO skills can give your content better discoverability and will drive a profitable traffic to your page.

Learn to use hashtags efficiently

Hashtags trend is the most misused things on social media especially on Instagram. Using hashtags in an efficient and cheap way to divert good amount of followers on Instagram. Plus they can quickly lead people to your content. Including hashtags you need to  be effective in their use,  it must be based on quality rather than quantity.

Link your Instagram account to other social networks

While driving huge rush of audience to your page and increase your brand awareness you need to move beyond your Instagram account. Make sure to link your Instagram account to your other social networking sites. 

And posting your contents on your other social media accounts can help you to expand your reach to more audience and that will exponentially add to your business.

Develop your own Instagram style

Last but not the least, if you desire to stand out from the crowd you need to develop your own created style that can help you to grow a good amount of audience. So running any social media account you have to have skills that will help you to develop yourself and your page, skills to create content that can fuel audience growth to your page. 

Written by CelebMix