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Dinah Jane Releases First Single ‘Bottled Up’ Featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Marc E. Bassy

Dinah Jane, the most recent member of Fifth Harmony to make her solo debut, has released her first single ‘Bottled Up’ and fans are anything but disappointed. The song was shared with the general public at midnight on September 21, 2018 and is climbing up U.S. charts.

‘Bottled Up’ had premiered at New York Fashion Week during one of Teen Vogue’s performances.

Jane is joined by rapper Ty Dolla $ign and Marc E. Bassy on this new track with a catchy and almost-addictive beat. The singer has also reportedly been working with some of the industry’s most successful songwriters and producers after signing with LA Reid’s Hitco label.

dinah jane

‘Bottled Up’ references Fifth Harmony’s song ‘Work From Home’ by using the lyric, “I’m a bad chick, I need a bad one with me. Work from home, but he gon’ stay up with me.”

Jane proves on this track that she isn’t shying away from making songs related to topics that are rarely always addressed in music. She sings, “I know that sex appeal is all they sell. I could get it with a one night stand, but it won’t be real.”

The ‘Bottled Up’ singer spoke with Music Choice and said, “I feel like because it’s such a bop to me, it can be a bop to other people, as well.” It’s evident that Dinah Jane is proud of this track and its features.

While this song is fun and has an undeniable groove to it, ‘Bottled Up’ also has a message and a meaning. The chorus is full of harmonies created by Jane, Ty Dolla $ign and Marc E. Bassy which are backed up with the same continuous, yet strong, beat.

If you have yet to hear this track, you may be one of few who doesn’t have this chorus stuck in their head on repeat. Dinah Jane could not keep this song bottled up for any longer and reminds fans that it won’t be the last time we hear from her this year.

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Written by Alessandra

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