DISCOVER: AARXN and His New Electric Single, ‘Call Me Back’

Here at CelebMix, we’re all for new music and discovering new artists. This time round, we are taking a look at AARXN and his single, ‘Call Me Back’.


AARXN is an experimental pop producer from Suffolk, UK. He has been independently releasing tracks since 2017, including two EPs and multiple singles. His most recent release, ‘Call Me Back’ is a follow-up from his latest EP, ‘Boy In My Head’ and shows the producer exploring a theme of being ignored and unwanted.

AARXN’s inspirations include Charli XCX and Asbjørn, whom he currently listens to, with earlier influences including GFOTY and M.I.A. We can see where he gets such an electric sound from!

Whilst AARXN is currently an unsigned producer, there is no doubt he works hard at his craft. However, this hasn’t stopped his craft from getting out there as back in 2017, he was included on BBC’s Music Introducing with the ‘Art of Noise Tribute’ – ‘Moments In Luv’.


After achieving local airplay, AARXN continued to release project after project. With the latest single being an indicator to a start of yet another project from the electro-pop producer. Any further details from the next project are unknown for now, but we sure are looking forward to the direction he will take with his music.

Check out his full music catalogue via Spotify below:

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Written by Dominic Beck

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