DISCOVER: Alexandra Stan Features On 8KO’s Debut Single And Music Video “Ocean”

We’re big fans of Alexandra Stan, here at CelebMix – if you haven’t already guessed – so when we learned that she’s released a new song, we’ve been listening to it on repeat. She’s teamed up with 8KO for this awesome new summer stunner, titled “Ocean”. The song follows up her previous collaboration with Manuel Riva, titled “Neversea” which is a remake of their track “Miami“.

Alexandra Stan has been making constant waves in the music industry since she went globally viral in 2011 with her hit song “Mr Saxobeat”. Since then, she hasn’t quite had chart successful hits that she deserves but she has gone on to collaborate with the likes of INNA, Antonia, Daddy Yankee, Monoir, and Axel Muniz. She’s certainly getting her name out there and we’re loving her collaborations as well as her own solo music. As for 8KO, it’s a new project and this is his debut single. He has previously worked with Stephen Oaks & Bryson Tiller on the track “Deja Vu” under the name DraGGOn.

Unfortunately, the official single release of the song is only available in some countries, most notably Romania and Japan. We need this single to be released in the UK and the US, as well as other countries around the world, because we can’t stop playing this YouTube music video!

Watch 8KO’s Music Video For “Ocean” Featuring Alexandra Stan Here:

“Ocean” is very east meets west in an Asian pop explosion. It has the cool vocals and lyrics from Alexandra Stan as she dominates throughout with passion and feels, while 8KO impresses to no end with the backing track surprising us throughout and giving us a tropical sound we’ve never quite heard before that does take some time to get used to; we do find ourselves clicking that repeat button again and again, though.

As for the music video, it’s very fashion focus with a pride walkway. It is built around a video game concept which 8KO is watching, although we’re not quite sure what sort of game is being played. Occasionally the people in the game turn to pixelated blocks.

Two of the scenes are our complete favourites, the first one is where Alexandra Stan and her extras are in a diner and she’s donned a 70’s wig giving us Betty Rizzo vibes from Grease; and then, there’s the forest scene where she is looking superb in her outfit, whilst also mysterious. The fashion takes precedence though as she struts her stuff on the rainbow-pride stage. There are also some sneaky choreography scenes that have definitely been cut into snapshots – we wish there was a full-on dance scene in this video. As for 8KO, he’s clearly loving life in the forest scene as girls paw at him from all sides. That is until he’s sitting in the chair at the end as the Game Over credits appear.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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