DISCOVER: Alexandra Stan’s Sexy New Song And Music Video “Mami”

We’ve had a new song and music video from Alexandra Stan, titled “Mami”. It is the official title single from her upcoming fourth studio album, that is planned to be released this year. The song follows up previously released singles “Noi 2” and “Boy Oh Boy“.

She’s the Romanian singer who went international with her incredibly catchy song, “Mr Saxobeat”; now, we’ve got a track that is just as catchy, just as dance-worthy, and just as deserving of a hit. The single has not been released, just yet, leaving many fans wondering when it’ll be available to download and stream. For now, we’ll just keep playing this music video.

The song was written by Alexandra Stan and Katie DiCicco, whilst the director of this visual was Bogdan Paun with Alexandru Muresan acting as director of photography. We see Alexandra Stan looking sexy in the kitchen, cooking food, whilst creating imaginary scenarios where her on-screen lover appears.

Watch The Music Video To Alexandra Stan’s Song “Mami” Here:

Talking about the song on her website, Alexandra Stan said: “The idea of the video, came thinking of Mexico, and now on the release day I’m right here, where I enjoy the sun, ocean breeze and delicious food, especially tacos. I am ‘Mami,’ I am loving, I feel like the mother of all the boys looking for attention and love, I feel fulfilled and happy with my femininity”.

It sure has a lot of Latin vibes going on. Set in a kitchen, Alexandra Stan’s mind wanders as she cooks food, imagining her lover appearing in the kitchen. Together, they knock out some dance moves and some provocative sexual scenes that become comedic when her mind drifts back to reality.

We’re not sure when “Mami” will be released, but we’re guessing it will be fairly soon. It’ll drop in Japan, first, before it hits the rest of the world; the same goes for her brand new album that will also include film promo song “Favorite Game” which was recorded for Japanese film Miko Girl. We expect this song will not make the international version of her album.

Watch The Music Video For Alexandra Stan’s “Favorite Game” Here:

She recently hit a total of one billion YouTube views for all of her videos on the video website. The total includes all features and videos posted on other YouTube Channels in the promotion of this Romanian singer. She also has an upcoming collaboration with Manuel Riva, titled “Miami”.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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