DISCOVER: Almost Owen Drops Remix EP For “I Should Know Better” And Released A Music Video For Alex Martura’s Remix

There are artists around the world who you’ll dip in and out of their music, and occasionally you’ll forget all about a brilliant artist until they recapture your attention, and that’s exactly what Almost Owen has done with the release of his music video for the Alex Martura Remix for the single “I Should Know Better”, that dropped last week.

According to the description of the music video, Almost Owen said: “I wrote a kinda sad song about a girl. Now she’s gone. Still got my friends tho…”

The remix song is part of a remix EP which was released today. The remixes come from Alex Matura, Mdjr, and Wariner. The song itself was written solely by Isaac Milton Haselkorn – which is the real name of Almost Owen.

Watch Almost Owen’s Music Video To “I Should Know Better (Alex Martura Remix)” Here:

He’s got an undeniable soulful pop voice that really works with this upbeat dance production. The music video showcases Almost Owen in a brilliant light, showing off his personality and performance energy, whilst also relating a narrative to the track.

The “I Should Know Better” Remix EP is available to download and stream right now through Hot Lava. More new music is on the way, as confirmed by Almost Owen himself.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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