EP artwork of "Feel The Rain" which sees a head shot of Anthony J Fink topless with a silver necklace hanging below his chest hair with his face blank, staring at the camera with his hair a mess and grown out facial hair. He is standing in front of a teal background and a band of light cuts across his face.

DISCOVER: Anthony J Fink pours his heart and soul into his alternative-rock EP, titled “Feel The Rain”

Emotion personified, Anthony J Fink totally shines in his alt-rock EP, titled “Feel The Rain”. Containing a total of five tracks set to take you on a journey of loss, turmoil, and recovery to the beat of anthemic rock mixed with ’70s piano pop, this EP by Anthony J Fink will certainly make an impact on every listener. This follows up his single “Steady Unknown” which was taken from this EP and released at the start of this year.

Anthony J Fink is a singer-songwriter who is also a classically-trained vocalist and pianist from Western Michigan University. He started touring as part of a classic rock cover band before establishing himself as a solo artist. He dropped his debut EP in 2015, titled “Tonight”, and he has gone on to perform at Saint Andrew’s Hall Detroit and Motor City Pride Festival 2022. His music enables him to console his listeners and spread awareness of addiction, depression, and suicide. His latest EP, “Feel The Rain”, deals with loss and touches on a variety of subjects, allowing his listeners to relate. “Road Trip” from the EP is set to become his most-streamed track on Spotify soon, as it racks up streams and we’re sure the release of the music video alongside the drop of this EP has helped to increase the streams.

“Road Trip” opens up the EP “Feel The Rain” in a ballad-rock vibe, encapsulating the entire theme of the EP and giving the listeners some heart-felt strength and honesty with Anthony J Fink impressing with his powerful vocals. The accompanying music video that was released to coincide with the drop of the EP is a performance visual which allows Anthony J Fink to show how much this song means to him, while also connecting back to the song as he performs the track as he is driving a car – how he manages to drive and perform so powerfully, is beyond us! The EP continues with the first single, “Steady Unknown” following up “Road Trip”, and it’s a laid-back soft-rock sound with hints of folk and soul showcasing his vocal training, but as we get to the middle of the song we hear some classic-rock and electro-rock elements sure to hint back to his touring days as part of the classic rock cover band.

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Track three, “Together”, sees Anthony J Fink bring some soulful vocals as he sings some raw and passionate lyrics which are heightened in a gospel-chorus-like harmony set to send chills to every listener. “Masquerade”, the fourth track on the EP, flips the switch on the style of the entire EP as synths and classic strings blaze from the start with strong rock vocals from Anthony J Fink before the production takes us down a more hard-rock sound giving this loud and exciting track that totally reminds us of Evanescence symphonic tracks on their album Synthesis. The EP ends with the title track, “Feel The Rain”, continuing our rock journey and making us believe that Anthony J Fink has grown as a person over the tracks and embraced his rockier side, and there’s always strength in experimenting and following a path that leads to you believing in yourself. This is a brilliant EP that really allows this incredible artist to send out good vibes and self-empowerment to his listeners.

Talking about the EP, Anthony J Fink said: “‘Feel the Rain’ touches on many things. Loss is a big focus. My parents passed away when I was very young due to alcohol addiction. I have struggled with relationships in general in my life and with addiction. This coming January, I will be alcohol-free for four years.”

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“Feel The Rain” by Anthony J Fink is available to download and stream right now.

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