Promotional photo for "Another Avenue" which sees Riya Duggal behind Arrows and Jason D'Souza in a professional photo shoot where a purple filter is used.
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DISCOVER: Arrows releases an upbeat catchy ’80s-inspired track titled “Another Avenue” featuring Riya Duggal

Recently released, “Another Avenue” is a deep-yet-light dance pop-rock ’80s-inspired track by rising music project Arrows featuring Riya Duggal. This follows up Arrows’ previous single “Wish You The Best” in collaboration with Tejas, and also follows up Riya Duggal’s collaboration with Jammy Weirdo, Arijit Singh, and Akull on the single “Tera Hua (Lofi Flip)”.

Arrows, the Mumbai-based musical project led by David Britto, was formed in 2018 following his time as a bassist for The Tripp, a Bombay blues-rock group. While with the band, David Britto had the opportunity to perform at various clubs and music festivals, such as Bacardi NH7 Weekender and Sula Fest. In 2016, they released an EP titled “Superhuman”. After leaving the band, he launched his solo project, Arrows, which features guest vocalists on his songs. Since the launch of Arrows in 2019, David Britto has been joined by a talented roster of artists, including Vernon Noronha, Siddharth Basrur, Raghav Meattle, The Lightyears Explode, and Tejas. His music blends a variety of influences, from blues-rock to pop, and showcases his songwriting talent and ability to craft captivating soundscapes. When he’s not composing or performing, David Britto shares his knowledge and expertise of the indie music scene as a writer for Rolling Stone India. He also hosts the successful podcast series “My First Record”, where he interviews artists and delves into their musical journeys. With a passion for music and a deep understanding of the industry, David Britto is poised to continue making a big impact with this music project, Arrows.

As for Riya Duggal, she is a multi-talented artist from Mumbai, India. She is a singer-songwriter, actor, and dancer who has made a name for herself in the Bollywood industry with her soulful voice. Her most notable works include singing in popular Bollywood songs like “Tera Hua” and “Hum Dono Yun Mile”. Riya Duggal’s musical skills don’t stop there, as she is also a part of the pop duo, Simetri, which she formed with her sister, Simran. They went on to win the Nexa Music competition, where they were mentored by Clinton Cerejo and A R Rehman and went on to release music with the two prolific artists. However, despite her sister-duo act, Riya Duggal has made a name for herself as a solo artist and has left a lasting impression with her powerful vocals. With her undeniable talent and dedication to her craft, Riya Duggal is set to become one of the leading voices in the Indian music industry.

Written by David Britto and produced by Jason D’Souza, “Another Avenue” is an addictive pop-rock track that we have been listening to on repeat since we first heard it. The track has a lot of guitar and drum elements flowing throughout, mixed around an upbeat catchy bass hook that leans into the dance world whilst sticking to the ’80s rock vibe. What really makes this stand out is Riya Duggal’s clear, crisp vocals, as she delves into the awesomely crafted lyrics about crushing on someone and how she’s constantly thinking about them. Her sultry, magnetic vocals hit the spot, making the listener think they’re the one she’s singing about – talk about releasing this track, weeks before Valentine’s Day. Now, go and add this to your Valentines-inspired playlists, as that’s exactly where this belongs.

Stream “Another Avenue” by Arrows featuring Riya Duggal on Spotify here:

“The bass line for ‘Another Avenue’ was the first piece of music I wrote for Arrows in 2018. I was finally able to finish the song in 2021 and it revolves around the theme of infatuation,” David Britto said. “I’ve adored the work both Jason [D’Souza] and Riya [Duggal] have done in their respective careers. I’ve followed Jason’s stint in music from his time in various bands as a guitarist as well as his work as a producer for some of my favorite Indian records. I’ve known Riya for close to 10 years now and I’ve always admired her work ethic and her ability as a vocalist to make melodies sound so sweet. It is a pleasure to have worked with both of them.”

“Another Avenue” by Arrows featuring Riya Duggal is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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