Discover: BONOMO release an indie-folk single “Goes On”

NYC based folk fusion musical group BONOMO have recently released their single “Goes On”. Formed by the frontman Adam Bonomo, the indie-acoustic project released the first album “Phases” in 2017. 

With several accolades in hand, including John Lennon Songwriting Competition, the CASC Songwriting Competiton, Audience Choice Award at the Brooklyn Showcase and the Silver Sound Showdown for their music video “Water” by Director and Photographer Marian Sell, BONOMO have a strong resume that don’t just showcase skills as creators but also an artistic vision that for years has been successfully winning hearts of listeners and critics alike.

The new song is yet another example of their brilliant artistry. Conveying a positive message that immediately brings poets like Robert Frost to mind, the song narrates how small acts of kindness can leave a lasting impact on an individual. Frost talked about the perpetual nature of life and time that does not wait for anyone. As humans, we must try to fill our as well as others’ lives with love so that when faced with adversity, people can use compassion as guiding light and overcome their sorrow.

The poetic flow of the song mimics the never-ending flow of life and beautifully depicts the significance of love, making listeners feel the emotion colouring vocalist’s melancholy and transforming it into a positive memory.

Sonically, “Goes On” carries cinematic feel and as listeners, one can hear each instrument individually and savour the process as each of them contributes to creating a holistic output.

The new single from the group was produced by Adam Bonomo and engineered by Alexi Bertholet. 

With a new take towards indie-folk music, BONOMO is trying to carve their own niche amongst fans of the genre and it seems that the project will help fans look at the genre from a fresh perspective. 

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Written by Ayushi

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