Bronnie Releases The Music Video To “Danced With The Devil” And Chats About The Visual

It’s been just under a week since Bronnie dropped her brand new charity single “Danced With The Devil“. All profits from the single are going to Buddy Project. Now she has released the music video for it, and it is her best one to date, that’s for sure.

This is her fifth music video overall, following “Modern Day Christmas”, “High School Sucks“, “Scared Much“, and new tour music video “Shout Out To My Ex (Pop Goes Punk Cover)“. This one is a highly personal visual that totally relates to the song “Danced With The Devil“.

Written, directed, and edited by Bronnie herself, whilst James Lynd acted as videographer; this incredible female singer is proving that she is someone we all should be keeping our eyes on.

Watch Bronnie’s Music Video To “Dancing With The Devil” Here:

The music video links in well with the whole idea behind Buddy Project and what they stand for. Considering the profits of the single is going to their non-profit movement, then it’s good to see a relatable music video in every way. It’s a full-on narrative visual that has hit the hearts of Bron Dogs, Bronnie fans, and every single viewer. There is also a performance piece that sees Bronnie unleash emotional energy into the camera as she walks down a street at night.

The visual opens with actress Kaitlin Beecham listening to Bronnie’s EP “Social Rejex” on vinyl as her parents argue. She texts Bronnie and they meet up and swap vinyl records. At which point, her father, Marky Mark (Mark Hughes), acts angrily and forces Bronnie inside – this is a side we’ve never seen from him before.

We watch Kaitlin Beecham return home and listen to the vinyl record, she puts up posters and dons makeup before heading back over to Bronnie’s house; on the way there, she gets some horrible looks from people she passes on the street. Once there, Mark Hughes answers the door and tells her to go away; leaving her upset.

The ending scene of the music video, sees Bronnie appear at Kaitlin Beecham’s door, with a sparkler and takes her to this “Social Rejex” party where they all hang out and have a good time together.

The song is available to download and stream right now. All profits are going to Buddy Project.

Bronnie Speaks To CelebMix About “Danced With The Devil” Music Video

We grabbed some time out of Bronnie’s busy life to quickly speak to her about the new music video. This follows up our previous interview with her upon the release of the single back at the start of this month.

What was it like filming the music video?

It was great fun! I wrote the storylines and directed the video myself. James Lynd filmed it and it stars British actress Kaitlin Beecham. She’s amazing to work with.

What has the reaction been like?

Really good. The song is written to increase awareness to mental health issues and I think people have one impression of the song and the lyrics when they hear it without the video, so I wanted to use the video to show a different perspective. In the video, we expand from mental health, in general, to raise issues like physical and mental abuse, relationships, the problems people face when trying to be open about sexual orientation, addiction, bullying, stereotypes, and so on.

I wanted everyone to interpret the video however they saw fit but I wanted a moment of elation at the end when the ‘Social Rejex’ all came together. It’s that moment of hope that everyone needs. I hope it worked for people.

How did you feel when you saw it for the first time?

I edited the video myself so I saw it as we went along. I loved getting all of James Lynd’s video cutting. All the different takes and angles were fantastic so I was able to work through it really well. It was amazing watching the whole video in one take when it was complete though.

What’s your favourite scene in the music video?

The ending, it’s that moment of hope. I love that everyone comes together as one friendship group ‘the Social Rejex’. It’s quite funny that a lot of fans saw the banner that we used in the video and thought it was a music video for my song ‘Social Rejex’. The penny is finally dropping with people that there’s a thread running through a lot of my songs.

Is there anything else you want to say?

It’s great to speak to you again and can I just say thank you to CelebMix and all your readers for the support with my single ‘Danced With The Devil’. All profits are being donated to Buddy Project, the non-profit mental health awareness organisation so it means a lot to have you guys featuring the song and video.

Thank you Bronnie for taking some more time out to speak with us again. We are obsessed with the music video, and the song itself. We’re also excited about your tour at the start of 2018 – don’t forget to get tickets to the Rejex tour!

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(Featured image by James Lynd Photography)

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