Chris Haze is our latest discovery with his 'Recipe' EP
Chris Haze is our latest discovery with his 'Recipe' EP

DISCOVER: Chris Haze and His Latest EP, ‘Recipe’

Here at CelebMix, we’re all for new music and discovering new artists. This time round, we are taking a look at Chris Haze and his latest EP, ‘Recipe’.

Chris Haze is an upcoming singer-songwriter and producer from Galway, Ireland. Haze is fairly known in his home country with a few number one singles to his name. Throughout his music career, Chris Haze has so far released multiple singles and EPs, with the ‘Recipe’ EP being his latest.

‘Recipe’ was released on 23rd March 2018 and has managed to debut at Number 5 on the Official Irish Album Charts and Number 2 on The Irish Singer-Songwriter Chart. It is also currently at Number 10 on the Official Irish Album Charts.

You can stream Chris Haze’s ‘Recipe’ EP below:


It seems Haze isn’t done just yet either as the Irish singer-songwriter is set to perform his very first headline show on July 7th at the Wheelans Live music venue in Dublin, Ireland. It seems to all be paying off for Chris Haze as he started his journey into being a singer-songwriter 8 years ago when he moved into a house full of musical friends.

This then inspired Haze to learn how to play the guitar via YouTube, which he quickly picked up. He then went on to release his debut single, ‘World Outside’, which featured English hip hop artist Lexeeeee. Since then, the Irish singer-songwriter has gone on to receive attention from publications such as Hot Press and also perform for Guinness and their ‘Amplify Series’.


With acclaim to his name, Haze went on to release his debut EP, ‘Thoughts to Words’ in March 2015. His music career seems to have rocketed from there, gaining more and more success with his latest EP, ‘Recipe’ being his most successful out of the bunch.

Now gaining more critical and commercial success, we’re hoping Chris Haze’s music career only keeps going up from here and maybe we’ll have a debut album before we know it. However, for now we’ll have to just keep ourselves updated on his social medias:


You can buy Chris Haze’s ‘Recipe’ EP here.


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