Promotional photo for "Bump My Music" which sees Cuttaman 100gran in front of a brick building with sunglasses on and a red velvet t-shirt with an animation of a woman's face on having a head massage, like an emoji, paired with a gold wrist watch.

DISCOVER: Cuttaman 100gran mixes new wave with hip-hop in his hot single “Bump My Music”

If the title of his new single isn’t enough, Cuttaman 100gran definitely wants you to ride his music and bump it up on your playlists, merging new wave sounds with hip hop vibes, “Bump My Music” is exactly what we’ve been waiting for. This follows up his previous single “Paid The Cost”.

Cuttaman 100gran, real name Reggie Price, is a rising rap and hip-hop star who is ready for the limelight. Having started in 2014 inside his dorm room at college, where he started to build his career from the ground up. He has created the brand Polished Gods, with the virtues of passion, patience, persistence, purity, polish and the belief that no man or entity is bigger than God. He takes inspiration from a variety of artists, including Five Heartbeats, Lil Wayne, Kurt Cobain, and Whitney Houston, on top of the artists and creators that he has collaborated with such as Calicoby, Von Bost, and Charmz. His career has allowed him to open for Pastor Troy in South Carolina, record records for Dr Dre, and perform in front of 8,000 people at a concert in Rockingham, NC. He has recently been gaining traction, with his latest single “Bump My Music” becoming his most-streamed song on Spotify – which clearly proves his trajectory in the music industry and it is certainly a brilliant start for 2023.

Written by Reggie Price, “Bump My Music” goes in hard with the lyrics making the track an ode to his muses while the backing track takes us on a sensational tranquil trip. Twisting the lyrics around the intricate production with fired-up vocals, the track really shows how hip-hop can be transferred around new wave beats to bring a vibe like no other.

Talking about the track Cuttaman 100gran said: “When you have women in your life that are inspired by your stories, telling them becomes a lifestyle. Them being around me on a day-to-day basis makes every lyric that much more surreal. Their enthusiasm inspired the track.”

Stream “Bump My Music” by Cuttaman 100gran on Spotify here:

“Bump My Music”, by Cuttaman 100gran, is available to download and stream right now, across all platforms, via Polished Gods.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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