DISCOVER: Electro Noir Pop Duo, no:carrier

DISCOVER: Electro Noir Pop Duo, no:carrier

no:carrier is an electro noir pop duo originally from Germany. But what’s electro noir pop you may ask? According to Chris Wirsig, main songwriter and producer of no:carrier, “We can’t be compared easily. We have our very own sound that includes elements from several styles – from dark wave to synthpop, from acoustic to electro. We’re not going on the trodden paths, we stay true to our ideals and write and record exactly the songs we want.”

With their first three albums, singles and EPs,  no:carrier managed to recieve some great reviews all over the world. Some of the media outlets include, The Big Takeover, Orkus, Zillo, Sonic Seducer, Dark Spy, Astan, Chain DLK, Nachtaktiv, Side-Line, ReGen, and many others.

DISCOVER: Electro Noir Pop Duo, no:carrier

On November 11th, no:carrier release their fourth album Broken Rainbow. On the album cover above, viewers witness a young girl in a white dress holding a crow. Behind her is the beautiful sight of a rainbow, yet there is destruction around her. Her only chance of hope is the rainbow, and that’s what the songs off of Broken Rainbow repsresent, hope.

“We are truly living in exciting, but also very strange and dangerous times,” explains songwriter Chris Wirsig. “All over the world there’s a move back towards a more cavemen-like, medieval behavior that I thought we had overcome more or less. More and more people seem to fall back
into an archaic mental state, where dog-eat-dog is the norm and humanity is left to die, while we still make scientific and cultural progress, but – and I know this sounds a bit desolate – mankind doesn’t seem to be fit for the 21st century yet.”

Broken Rainbow is available digitally and on limited edition CD from iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and other stores NOW.

Check out their video for “Your Heroin” below:

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