DISCOVER: Emily Lee’s Music Video For “Sleep With A Stranger”

Now, this is a music video we haven’t been able to get out of our heads since we first watched it upon its release on 5 July 2018. Emily Lee completely impresses in the visual and on the song itself; “Sleep With A Stranger” is beyond awesome and proves exactly why we are fans of this singer-songwriter.

We first came across Emily Lee when we interviewed Manel Navarro in London, after the interview we went exploring the capital city and came across Emily Lee busking on London’s Southbank, doing an absolutely incredible job – since that day, we’ve been following her on her socials and waiting for new music. In 2015 she dropped her debut EP “Don’t Forget To Love…” and she’s now gearing up to release her sophomore EP, “Dance My Demon Away” and we cannot wait. This song is the first official track to be released from the said EP. We expect the full collection to drop around 1 September 2018, as that is the date of her EP launch show in London – we so want to go!

This music video has been directed by Dan Lowenstein and co-stars Robert Adlam as well as Emily Lee. The song is so full of emotion that the music video easily replicates that as well as the story behind the track. In the description, Emily Lee stated: “Have you ever wanted to be loved and love so much that you kid yourself that every time you’re intimate with someone, it’s real love? I have. Everyone has.”

Watch Emily Lee’s Music Video For “Sleep With A Stranger” Here:

The song really exposes Emily Lee’s raw vocals, spotlighting them amazingly, proving that she has one incredibly impressive voice. The hurt and the pain in this song alone breaks hearts. If this is the first song released from this upcoming EP, then we just know this collection of tracks are going to be amazing. We don’t quite know if “Sad Song Tonight” – the song she sang on a YouTube live from two months ago – will be a part of the EP, but we sure hope it is because that song is absolutely incredible too, and her vocal range blew us away.

As for the visual, there is both a performance piece and a narrative piece. In the latter, we watch Emily Lee meet up with a guy, played by actor Robert Adlam, who is later revealed as her love interest. She takes him back to hers and they have sex and some other fun scenes together; but, in relation to the song, that’s all it is and it hurts her as she wants more. Unfortunately, it’s not love that they have, but she wishes it was. As for the performance side of things, Emily Lee brings it all to the table and fully shows us who she is as an artist. If the song alone doesn’t hit you in the heart, her performance sure will; she’s such an emotional singer, and she fully means every single word of this song.

This music video is purely unforgettable. “Sleep With A Stranger” is set to be released on her upcoming EP, titled “Dance My Demon Away”, which will be released in September.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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