DISCOVER: Folk Singer-Songwriter Raye Zaragoza and Her Single ‘American Dream’

Singer-songwriter behind 'American Dream'

Here at CelebMix, we’re all for new music and discovering new artists. This time round, we are taking a look at Raye Zaragoza with her single, ‘American Dream’.

Who is Raye Zaragoza?

Raye Zaragoza is an award-winning singer/songwriter and performer whose multinational heritage deeply inspires her music. This is never more evident as it is in her latest single, ‘American Dream’. The powerful and thought-provoking single is inspired by the destruction of Donald Trump’s election, the lack of mainstream media for Standing Rock and the struggles Zaragoza faced growing up as a female multi-cultural youth in the US.

Her previous single, ‘In the River’ is a response to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota. The quiet yet powerful track resonated strongly with listeners and went viral in late 2016, garnering half a million views on the video, national media coverage and a Global Music Award and Honesty Oscar.

Has Raye Zaragoza released anything else?

Raye Zaragoza’s debut album, ‘Fight For You’ was released in June 2017 independently. Within the album, Zaragoza displays her compassion and dedication to justice and equality for all, and a keen eye for the seemingly small daily moments that become our most meaningful memories. Touching on the record, Zaragoza said, “This album is about finding yourself and finding your voice. It’s about maturing and realising that you can make a difference if you so choose.”

The traditional folk singer-songwriter performs her music all over the United States as well as across Europe, where she spent five weeks touring in the summer of 2017. She made a swift return to touring by visiting Germany in January 2018 for a few shows. Her music has been featured on many well-known publications, leading to opportunities for Raye Zaragoza to exclusively perform live for those publications.

Check out Raye Zaragoza’s performance of ‘Fight For You’ for Sofar Sounds below:

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