Grace Coletta in a promotional picture for "Daisies" sitting down facing to the left, with her purple-black hair bunched up in a bobble, and she's holding some sunflowers out towards her.

DISCOVER: Grace Coletta mixes EDM and indie for this escapist sound for her track “Daisies”

This may not sound like the perfect combination, but if you haven’t listened to it yet, you are missing out because Grace Coletta shines with her EDM-mixed-with-indie track “Daisies”. It follows up her collaboration with Alan Artin titled “Home To You”.

Grace Coletta is a Chicago-based singer-songwriter who has been building her following since 2018 and has gone on to achieve success with over a million streams across all platforms. She’s an extremely diverse singer having started out as a choir child, then studying and exploring opera, before giving the music industry a break as she started working in the corporate world. After missing singing and the musician community, she started experimenting and launched her debut EP Fixating in 2018. That led to her building her brand, showcasing her amazing diverse vocals, and gaining fans and followers. Her single “Many The Miles” has been received well, nearing almost a million streams on Spotify, alone. It’s clear she’s going from strength to strength, and we expect her to showcase more versatility in the next few years.

Written by Grace Coletta and Hannah Rose Cox, this addicting track mixes an incredible EDM beat with idyllic indie vocals for something that shouldn’t work but so does. The production of “Daisies” was done by Alex Strahle, showcasing a build that grows and grows until it quickly becomes a track we could listen to again and again. Lyrically the track speaks of when life gets too much and the build-up of a storm at home, and so getting away from it all and finding a bit of joy can help you find the clarity that is needed. The upbeat rhythm matches the story being told, bringing hard beats to showcase the stormy waters of life while bringing in a soft drop to coincide with the relaxation of taking yourself out of that situation, just for a little bit. Escapism gentle EDM indie at its finest, Grace Coletta shows that these styles effortlessly work together – all we want to do now is go out and make a daisy chain.

Talking about the track, Grace Coletta said: “’Daisies’ is about escaping. It is about getting the heck out of town when shit is just too much and that temporary joy you get when you run away from your problems because a little distance makes everything a little easier to handle.”

Listen to “Daises” by Grace Coletta on Spotify here:

“Daisies” by Grace Coletta is available to download and stream on all platforms now. She is set to release three more songs throughout 2022 – so look out for them, they’re definitely on our radar.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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