EP cover artwork for "Courage" which sees J. Matthews wearing two hoodies, a black one over a purple one, with a black snapback cap hiding his face as he drinks from a can of orange. The background is orange to match the can, and his name is in black at the top of the image.

DISCOVER: J. Matthews drops awesome genre-fluid coming-of-age debut EP titled “Courage”

This month, J. Matthews dropped his coming-of-age debut EP, titled “Courage” and it’s an addictive masterpiece that makes an impact on every listener. Consisting of four tracks, including his previous three singles, which all have gained tens of thousands of Spotify streams, this drop certainly allows him to make his mark. This follows up his third single release from this EP, titled “For You”.

J. Matthews, real name Jordan DeLucia, is a singer-songwriter who refuses to be defined by one genre and instead showcases his lyrical talent by delving into different styles to fully allow the meaning behind his words to fully reach his listeners, inside and out. His definitive flow as he channels different genres of music is sure to be his star quality, using his undeniable writing talents and embedding them in fully-fledged concepts that effortlessly convey his thoughts, emotions, and stories to every single listener. Before launching his music career, J. Matthews used to write songs, poems, and stories, day after day, so it’s no surprise that storytelling is at the heart of his lyrics. His debut single, ‘Wanderlust’, has raked in tens of thousands of Spotify streams, easily being his most-streamed track, to date, but with his determination, lyrical creativity, and genre-fluid music, we’re sure he’ll have some viral hits in the near future.

Talking about the EP, J. Matthews said: “My ‘Courage’ EP carries the weight of my experience, starting as an insecure college kid and growing into confidence. From figuring out love and life in ‘Courage for Fools’ to the narration of lockdown stagnation and fear of missing out in ‘Wanderlust’. ‘For You’ is a love song, through and through, capturing the serendipity when your idealised partner manifests as though they appeared from the production line in your own mind. The concluding single, ‘Nothing to Fear’, celebrates the freedom of a new-found perspective, such as the one you gain from returning to your hometown after college when you find pride in your scars because, without them, you would have never become better than you were before.”

Stream “Courage” by J. Matthews on Spotify here:

Written by Jordan DeLucia, himself, all four tracks on “Courage” showcases J. Matthews in the best possible light. The EP starts with “Courage for Fools”, a melodic lyrical pop track that is obviously influenced by blink-182’s “All The Small Things”, but with less emphasis on the rock elements, stripping it back, adding more pop melodies along with an addictive EDM bassline and electric guitar, as J. Matthews focuses on how he is struggling to find the courage to go up to the person he likes and let them know that he likes them. “Wanderlust” follows next, bringing a symphonic dreamy production that has vibes of pop-rock flowing throughout, as his lyrics delve into mixed thoughts and emotions that lust can create; the song ends with an influential piano chord that drives the lyrical message home.

“For You” is next, which is a laid-back indie-pop song that easily showcases J. Matthews’ gorgeous vocals that are wrapped around loving lyrics and equally loving production. Lastly, the new track, “Nothing to Fear” ends the EP which sees J. Matthews become stronger against his fears, within his lyrics, something so opposite to the initial track, “Courage for Fools”; in doing so, he has clearly grown over the four tracks and in identifying his fears, he can be stronger – the track is emboldened by highly produced electronic beats and synths, creating a groovy pop track that is certainly set to get stuck in one’s head for the rest of the day.

Listen to our favourite song from the EP, “Courage for Fools” here:

“Courage”, the debut EP from J. Matthews, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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