DISCOVER: JayQ The Legend Drops Music Video To Debut Track “Body Talk”

This is one catchy debut hip-hop track that will certainly get stuck in your head from the very first listen. JayQ The Legend is a brand new artist and released this awesome track, that is gaining in popularity, at the end of May. He dropped the music video to the track, a few days ago, on 3 June 2019.

JayQ The Legend is a former US Marine from New Orleans. He started singing from an early age by performing in his church choir and has developed his stage presence over the years by performing in various places including the local coffee shop. He has a multitude of talent, taking aspects of different genres and combining them to create awesome music, as evident in his debut track “Body Talk”. He is influenced by Michael Jackson and Tupac, and you’ll be able to see that in his forthcoming debut EP which is set to be titled JayQ 4U. The EP will also contain collaborations with Grammy-winning songwriter SOKO7 (aka Brian Soko, known for co-writing and producing Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” featuring Jay-Z) as well as the rising talent, OBA. “Body Talk” is already gaining some great traction with the music video hitting 100,000 YouTube views and the song has gained over 10,000 Spotify streams. He is certainly a hip-hop artist we all need to watch in the coming years.

The song has been written by Brian Soko, Jason Hagis, Nyamekye Bonner, and Questaverd John; it combines pop with hip-hop whilst infusing a bit of soul and rap into the mix, “Body Talk” is certainly going to become one of your jams this year.

Watch JayQ The Legend’s Music Video To His Debut Single “Body Talk” Here:

Impressing vocally and structurally, JayQ The Legend’s “Body Talk” is a track that does get stuck in one’s head from the very first listen. Lyrically, he sings about that one moment of sexual tension during a passion-fuelled argument, striving for mutual respect whilst being in a lover’s struggle. It’s a concept that is rarely mentioned let alone sung about, and yet JayQ The Legend takes that one single moment in time and creates an addictive track around it. His vocals are on fire reminding us of Young Thug, Fetty Wap, and Ty Dolla $ign.

As for the music video, it is set in an underground club with the opening scenes showing JayQ The Legend descending the stairs. He reaches the bar where he spots three women dancing to the track that is playing. He catches the eyes of one of the women and starts to dance with her before the three dancers all walk off to another section of the club. He follows, continuing the flirtatious atmosphere between the two of them, all the while he is singing his song showing off his performance style and stage presence – we have to admit, he is full of energy and we’re sure he would be brilliant to see at his own gig. There are also cut-scenes of the three women knocking out some on-point dance choreography.

“Body Talk” is available to download and stream right now, via BreakOut Music. His forthcoming EP, set to be titled JayQ 4U, will be out soon.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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