DISCOVER: Kelela and Her Single ‘Blue Light’

Here at CelebMix, we’re all for new music and discovering new artists. This time round, we are taking a look at Kelela and her single, ‘Blue Light‘.

Kelela is a singer-songwriter who is currently signed to Warp Records. She has worked with the likes of Gorillaz and Solange Knowles upon others before releasing her debut album, ‘Take Me Apart’ in October 2017. The album has gone on to receive critical acclaim and even made a few year-end lists, appearing at number four of Cosmopolitan‘s ‘Best Albums of 2017’.

The most recent single from Kelela’s debut album, ‘Blue Light’ has been praised by both fans and critics. The music video which accompanies the single has been described as ‘surreal’ and ‘chilling’. In the ‘Blue Light’ music video, we see Kelela get tied up in her lavish locks, literally.

This wasn’t the first time we have been surprised by her visuals. The music video to Kelela’s previous single, ‘LMK’ was directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, Björk‘s longtime collaborator and was described as ‘vibrant’ and ‘fiery’. In these visuals, we see Kelela strut her way through a futuristic nightclub wearing multiple wigs throughout the music video. She also isn’t afraid to bust a move or two as she dances her way through the nightclub.

You can watch the music video to ‘LMK’ below:

What is next for Kelela?

Kelela is set to embark on a tour throughout Europe and USA to further promote her material and with exceptional visuals, we can only imagine how the tour will go down visually. A follow-up single to ‘Blue Light’ hasn’t been announced as of yet, but watch this space.

Listen to Kelela’s debut album, ‘Take Me Apart’ below:

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