DISCOVER: Kelsy Karter and Her Single, ‘Too Many Hearts To Break’

Here at CelebMix, we’re all for new music and discovering new artists. This time round, we are taking a look at Kelsy Karter and her single, ‘Too Many Hearts To Break‘.


Kelsy Karter is a singer-songwriter from New Zealand, who is taking the music industry by storm with her unique R&B/Soul sound. She has so far released two singles independently, ‘Out Of Drugs’ and ‘Too Many Hearts To Break’. The latter being her most recent single, released on 14th February 2018, it has been described as ‘An anti-Valentine’s Day anthem with a twist, it speaks to the women heartbreakers of the world’.

As a teenager, Karter would often skip school and end up in the principal’s office, choosing to listen to soul records from James Brown, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones over the latest radio hits and thrift shopping for 50s and 60s clothing over the trendy fashion of her classmates.

The older Kelsy got, the more she realized that the reason she didn’t ‘fit in’ was because she was different; an old soul with a young heart. Now describing her distinct sound as ‘modern soul’, Karter’s unique vision takes her fans on a journey in a time machine through the great musical acts of an earlier generation, seamlessly blending nostalgic vibes and current pop influences for a sound that’s a little bit Amy Winehouse, a little bit The Pipettes, and a lot of Kelsy Karter.


We’re excited to hear more from Kelsy in 2018, as she is expected to release her debut EP sometime this year. With two critically-acclaimed singles already under her belt, we can just see her career in the music industry spiralling from here.

Check out Kelsy Karter’s debut single, ‘Out Of Drugs’ here:

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