DISCOVER: King Princess and Her Mellow Pop Hit, ‘1950’

King Princess is our latest discovery with her debut single, '1950'.

Here at CelebMix, we’re all for new music and discovering new artists. This time round, we are taking a look at King Princess and her viral mellow pop hit, ‘1950’.


Who is King Princess?

King Princess is a singer-songwriter on the rise from Brooklyn, New York. She is currently signed to Zelig under Columbia Records. Her debut single, ‘1950’ is the first taste of what to expect from her upcoming EP, which is due for release anytime soon. The mellow pop track became an overnight viral hit instantly when it was released back in February 2018. Harry Styles also tweeted lyrics to the King Princess single. The tweet has accumulated over three-hundred thousand likes.

‘1950’ then spiralled into 2018 by being added to numerous Spotify playlists, such as Pop Rising and New Pop Revolution. With all this exposure and acclaim, a new single was just around the corner. King Princess then released a follow-up track titled, ‘Talia’ to keep the fanfare going.

There isn’t much known about this Brooklyn singer-songwriter so we’ll just have to wait and see her musical career unravel. However, this isn’t her first rodeo in the industry as she was offered a record deal at a young age of 11 but turned it down. Nevertheless, we’re definitely anticipating the release of her debut EP to manage our appetite for more new music from her. But for now, we’re just going to keep playing 1950 for all eternity.

You can buy both of King Princess’ singles, ‘1950’ and ‘Talia’ here.


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