Promotional photo for "Closer" which sees Laura Loh in the countryside basking in the sun whilst wearing a white tee and a black striped jacket.

DISCOVER: Laura Loh drops therapeutic and honest pop single “Closer”

Just a few weeks ago, Laura Loh dropped this anthemic therapeutic track that has made quite an impact on us from the first listen, titled “Closer”. The track is very real and honest with a ballad sense but wrapped up in this pop number that just effortlessly works. “Closer” follows up her previous single “Morning Light”.

Laura Loh, real name Laura Frances Edis, is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Hampshire, UK. She has a varied background in music genres including classical and jazz as well as an inspired dip into alt-pop and alt-rock – this explains her ability to take parts of different genres to make some unforgettable tracks. Her childhood included being classically trained in voice, piano, and violin. At 13 years old, she picked up a guitar and started writing songs. She dropped her debut EP “Sunrise” in 2020 which was picked up by BBC Introducing Track of the Day lists and she later went on to perform at various festivals including Westival, Weyfest, and Valefest. She’s also vocally graced Abbey Road Studios and has produced frequently with Joe Wright at Hillside Studio. This year saw a shift in musical genre with the release of “Morning Light” paving the way for a brand new era for Laura Loh and her new single “Closer” extends the genre path she is trundling.

This song was written by Laura France Edis (Laura Loh) and was mix and mastered by Luke Done. Full of mental health advocacy and strength for self-love within yourself, “Closer” is a defining bold track that defines this new era for Laura Loh. The mix of drums, organ and classical strings spin a progressively inspired track, add that to her gorgeous vocals and undeniably hopeful lyrics, and this becomes so much more than just a pop song, this is Laura Loh sending out hope, strength, and a belief in oneself and in every listener. “Closer” is one of those songs that is a journey in itself and is one that will stay with you for weeks on end until you listen to it again.

Talking about the track, Laura Loh said: “Closer is a song about recovery and personal growth, inspired by my experience with mental health; it is a reminder that it is okay to fall down and take your time picking yourself back up. We all tend to be too hard on ourselves; I hope this song can encourage people to celebrate the progress they make every day, no matter how small.”

Stream “Closer” by Laura Loh here:

“Closer” by Laura Loh is available to download and stream right now, on all platforms. We look forward to hearing what she drops next.

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