DISCOVER: Mandia’s New Song And Video “Rebel”

If you haven’t heard of Mandia yet, then you are in for a real treat. She has previously released a couple of singles under her full name Mandia Nantsios.

“Rebel” is her new single. The song debuted on Soundcloud before a music video was dropped onto YouTube.

The music video was directed by Cazhhmere, whilst the song was written by Mandia Nantsios, Ally Sou, and Kash Phillips. It was produced by Lantz.

Watch the music video to Mandia’s “Rebel” here:

The music video sees Mandia performing in front of a colourful and expressive wall of graffiti. At first thought, it looks like that will be the only scene, but as the music video progresses, we watch her perform in front of another wall of graffiti, which is full of just as much imagery.

The walls work perfectly with her style, especially her expressive multicoloured-dyed hair, that totally makes her look gorgeous. This is her first release since she debuted her new hair colour.

The song itself is so emotional; her voice tunes into the depths of the song and releases heartfelt passion. It’s so catchy that you’ll be singing along to it before it finishes.

Her previous songs are just as catchy, and last year she released a whole album. She is definitely someone you should check out.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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