Promotional photo for "Find" by Maria Manuel which sees her against a blue backdrop, kneeling down with a hand on her hip and the other between her knees. She's wearing a crop jumper that is striped in patches of reds blues and creams, with a matching skirt paired with black tights and black boots. Her black hair falls past her shoulders in curls.

DISCOVER: Maria Manuel delves deep within herself as she drops her soulful R&B track “Find”

Last month saw the release of “Find” by Maria Manuel which is clearly inspired by ’00s R&B anthems mixed up with her flawless vocals and soulful emotion. Definitely, a stand-out defining track that eagerly anticipates your approval and begs to be included on your favourite playlists. This follows up Maria Manuel’s previous single titled “Like To Know”.

Maria Manuel is a South London singer-songwriter who has an absolutely amazing voice and lyrical ability. She has felt a strong connection to music ever since she was young and has gone on to achieve some great musical achievements to date, including performing at BBC Introducing Live and having her third single release, “Happy Place”, receive regular rotation on Amazing Radio and going on to become a semi-finalist in a UK & International songwriting competition. She dropped her debut single, “Heimdall”, in 2021 and has since gone on to release four more, including this incredible single “Find”. She is set to follow up her latest track with a brand new single, “Divine”, which is currently in production.

Written by Maria Manuel, herself; the song effortlessly showcases her beautiful vocals, which are full of emotion and soul. Her runs are off the chart and reminiscent of JoJo – could we please get a duet one day? Lyrically she focuses on wanting to return to the person she was before, finding the way back to herself, someone she perhaps lost along the way to where she is now. It’s a self-reflection song that is full of wanting to love yourself and who you are and realising that you aren’t entirely happy with the person you’ve become. The R&B production gives this track an authentic feel with sadness energy but also a believability that she’ll find her way back to herself, therefore inspiring her listeners that they will too be able to do the same. Spreading love and positivity, this track alone makes it clear that Maria Manuel is one to watch in the coming years.

Talking about the track, Maria Manuel said: “The lyricism in ‘Find’ outlines a feeling that I feel is very relatable. Life pulls us in such different directions; sometimes that causes a split between who you’ve been and who you’ve become. Ultimately it speaks about finding your way back to yourself, independent of when you lost your essence.”

Stream “Find” by Maria Manuel on Spotify here:

“Find” by Maria Manuel is available to download and stream right now on all platforms. Look out for her upcoming single, “Divine”, which should be out soon.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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