Discover: Michael Blum reinvents his sound with his new single “Taking You Back”

The soul of any musical piece lies in the story being narrated. While the medium plays a huge role, it is often a supporting system that offers an anchor to the narrative. A skillful artist does not just comes up with different stories but also with different methods to narrate them.

Michael Blum, a critically acclaimed singer, and a multi-instrumentalist is also transitioning to a new medium of narration. After successfully foraying into the world of Jazz and creating critically acclaimed works that helped him gain entry amongst the genre’s dedicated fans, Blum is now stretching his boundaries to explore electro-pop.

Officially released on March 11th, his new single “Taking You Back” fuses Blum’s songwriting and multi-instrumental skills with electronic production, creating a new sound unlike anything heard from him before.

Produced by Jason Strong (Emilia Ali, Lauren Carnahan, and Thoreau) and co-written by singer Naïka Richard (Spotify’s Global Viral & US Viral Charts), “Taking You Back” is a great introduction to Michael Blum’s reinvented sound.

The track reminisces about the early stages of a relationship, during which everything is new, fresh and exciting. Blum drew inspiration from his six year relationship with his girlfriend.

The song is catchy but its beauty lies in its arrangement. While listening to the song, the arrangement of the piece brings a lot of electro-pop songs to mind but as a holistic piece, it leaves a unique impression. The unfamiliarity of the familiar is what brings a listener back to the single every time.

With “Taking You Back”, Blum has made a smooth transition to the electro-pop world and we are keen to see his future works. What do you think? Share your thoughts via tweet @CelebMix

Written by Ayushi

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