DISCOVER: NAATIONS’ Brand New Single “Touch Me”

We had completely forgotten about this song, even though it was a total highlight of our youth. It’s about time someone came along and refreshed it for today’s world. This is why you must listen to NAATIONS’ incredible new single, titled “Touch Me”. The track samples the UK 2001 number one single of the same name, originally by Rui da Silva & Cass Fox.

This track is transformed so much so from the original that it’s difficult to even identify it, apart from the obvious lyrics, which aren’t completely in the right order, which begs to question where there’s an extended edit to this radio edit that has been released.

NAATIONS are a duo consisting of singer-songwriter Nat Dunn – whose name you may recognise as she co-wrote Marshmello & Anne-Marie’s single “FRIENDS” under her full name Natalie Dunn – and Nicky Night Time – who is an ex-member of Van She and whose real name is Nicholas Routledge. They dropped their debut single, “Alive”, last year which led to them launching their name globally in a collaboration with Duke Dumont & Gorgon City, titled “Real Life”, which has over 28 million Spotify streams. Recently, they have remixed Clean Bandit’s “I Miss You” which features Julia Michaels, and have also received critical acclaim for their dance track “Want Me More”. “Touch Me” is their follow-up and we can so see it gaining traction, we simply adore the song.

The original song by Rui da Silva & Cass Fox was written by Cassandra Fox, Rui da Silva, and Gary Kemp. This new refresh of the track gives it a 2018 house music spin with a drawing beat whilst flooding it with synths to fully create a current dance sound that is music to our ears in every way.

The one problem we have with the song is that it’s only two minutes and 45 seconds long, which is just too short for us. We end up playing this on repeat for a few rotations, and it still doesn’t get old. Addictively clever, we have to admit.

Listen to NAATIONS’ new single “Touch Me” Here:

“Touch Me” is available to download and stream right now, through First Access Records. We can’t help but hope other versions get released in the near future. The song has an adorable love feeling going on in the backing track, beautifully pairing up with the lyrics of the song. This is a total CelebMix favourite.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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