DISCOVER: Pet Fangs and Their Highly Anticipated Single, ‘Bitch, Baby.’

Discover our latest discovery, Pet Fangs with their latest single, 'Bitch, Baby.'

Here at CelebMix, we’re all for new music and discovering new artists. This time around, we are taking a look at Pet Fangs with their highly anticipated single, ‘Bitch, Baby.’

Who Are Pet Fangs?

Pet Fangs are a Garage-Pop band based in Los Angeles, California. Their musical influences include the likes of T-Rex, Prince and even David Bowie, which can be displayed in their latest single, ‘Bitch, Baby.’ The musical beginnings of the South Lousiana born four-piece band are rather peculiar with two of the band members, Joe and David Stark debuting as a duo called Baby Bee before becoming Pet Fangs.

Baby Bee managed to get a record deal with Republic Records and shortly expanded into a larger lineup, with Jory Cordy and Ben Alleman joining the duo. Cordy, Alleman, and the two Stark siblings were all songwriters and multi-instrumentalists in their own right. Together they were something more: a tight-knit, democratic unit of musicians whose new songs were bigger, bolder, and broader than anything they’d created before. Looking to move outside of the rules they’d placed upon themselves as a rock band, they disregarded Baby Bee and launched a new band. A band with bite and that’s when they rebranded to Pet Fangs.

You can listen to Pet Fangs’ debut single, ‘Gold Coast Dreaming’ below:

From their early days as a newly named band, Pet Fangs embraced change. The guys would switch instruments often. Looking to discover versatile sounds in a place of evolving environments, they approached their new music like a rock group. Joining them throughout the studio process was the producer, engineer, and honorary ‘Ghost Member’ known as Justin Tocket, who manned the entire process throughout recording sessions. Joe Stark claims, “The only rule in our creative process, is that there are no rules”.

The highly anticipated and internationally recognized upcoming single from Pet Fangs, “Bitch, Baby.”, displays a percussive punch and sexy strut which helped to land the song in a Chinese advertisement campaign for Umbro and Madonna’s Material Girl clothing line. Shortly after writing ‘Bitch, Baby.’, Stark’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, which gave the song a personal perspective and soon became an empowering anthem for the band.

Sonically, “Bitch, Baby” takes influences from Tove Lo, Daft Punk and MIA. With it’s funk-fueled melodies, animated synthesizers and seductive vocals, Pet Fangs showcase their distinct musical prowess, creating an undeniably catchy song.

Pet Fangs’ latest single, ‘Bitch, Baby.’ is available now.

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